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Reasons Why There Are Many Traffic Accidents In Alabama

Road accidents have recently been on the rise and this has become a great concern to both the governments and the entire public. Establishing the cause of this accidents has become a major concern for everyone has this has led to a lot of soul searching. One notable trend that has subsequently been proven through research is that there is a lot of drunk driving going around.

At this point, anyone that has a car should question themselves on the number of times that they have had to drink and drive. It is time that anyone that drives or attempts to drive while drunk should be penalized for the imminent danger they pose to the larger public. Notably the state of Alabama has ensured that within their legal framework are penal sanctions that punish traffic rules offenders. Through various research done, there are various reasons why there are many accidents in Alabama and this is something that the reader of this article will gain from this article.

The first cause that is not only known in Alabama but the world across is excessive speeding. Disobedience of speed limit signs is one other leading cause of accidents. Knowledge is power and for this reason how about as a driver you equip yourself with more information about the guiding traffic rules. It is important to note that due to the number of deaths that arise from road accidents in Alabama, these accidents have been placed on the radar as being the ones with 5th highest DUI fatality rate. There is certainly no pride in being classified as a state with the 5th highest DUI fatality rate and for this reason it is time something has to be done. Notably, anyone that wants more information so as to really establish how bad things are can do so by visiting their nearest hospital.

It is important to note that traffic lights are not road side decorations and so are intersections always purpose to yield and watch out for other road users. One other leading cause of accidents in Alabama is tailgating which means following a car that is a head too closely. While on the road focus is key and anyone that is tired cannot focus thus whenever you as the driver feels drowsy take some time off and rest then continue the journey later since this is one way of avoiding accidents. Also the poor state of roads is a great contributor towards road accidents in Alabama and this is something that research has equally shown.