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Benefits of Software Defined Networking

Software Defined Networking (SDN) is part of a bigger technology of Software Defined Everything (SDx) which is offered by organization such as VOX Network Solutions and makes services and devices more dependent on the software than the hardware in that they are defined by the software, where a software upgrade means an advancement of the device and inclusion of features that were not available. The aim of SDN is to centralize and simplify the control of the management of enterprise networks which brings along the following benefits.
To start with, SDN give life centralized network provisioning which enhances the central view of the whole network , however big it is, which makes it easier to provision and manage the enterprise, with example being the transition of VLANs to being part of local LANs, which create dependencies and Gordian knots. While abstracting data planes and controls, SDN can speed up service delivery and provide flexibility in the provision of physical and virtual network devices from a single location.
The second benefit that SDN reduces the costs due to operations since there are better virtualization control techniques, improved utilization of the servers and more efficiency in administration. Due to the young age of the technology, the results of these cost reductions may not be seen immediately but it is a guarantee that they will come about, because the automation and centralization of routine network administration issues will bring down the cost of operation.
Another advantage is that there is a better and holistic enterprise management where SDN allow the IT technicians experiment on using enterprise networks to set up virtual machines and applications that accommodate contemporary request such as big data requests. SDN creates one set of APIs that enable the management of both physical and virtual devices from one console, making it possible to support the physical and virtual switches from a single location, something that is impossible for the SNMP technology.
The other advantage that come as a result of SDN ability to control and restructure the shape of data traffic is that it can instruct and automate the traffic which enhance the implementation of the quality of service which govern multimedia and voice over IP transactions. With SDN in place, streaming of high quality video over the internet is not a problem, because it improves the user experience by bettering the response speed and quality of the network.
The last benefit is that SDN is useful in cloud abstraction, because it makes it easy and simple to abstract cloud resources using software defined networking which is essential in moving towards the direction of unified infrastructure, which is where cloud is taking us. The SDN technology allow for the management of the networking equipment that make up the global data centers from one SDN controller.

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