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  • Memorable older bikes- part 1

    The other day I was chatting with a guy from the UK about older bikes, and it brought back a lot of memories of the machines that I lusted after when I was starting off in biking, so here are a few of them in pictures.

    The first is a  “classic” from circa 1976,  the CB400F with it’s 4 into 1 exhaust.


    Here is the Honda CBX550F ( circa 1982). Available in two versions, with or without fairing . I saw one quite recently and it still looked good after 20+ years!

    Honda CBX550F-1982

    Kawasaki had some wild bikes in the past, here are a few of them.

    This is the KH750 B2 ( circa 1974). There was a family of these bikes ranging in engine size from 250/500/750 , which were reknowned for their evil handling, wicked powerbands, and triple smoking exhausts.

    1974 Kawasaki KH750 H2 b

    Next the daddy of the marque, the Z900!! (circa 1973)


    This is the Z1300 ( circa 1979) which I was amazed to see stopped at a  petrol station one day, being ridden by a woman! This was a tank of a bike, big and heavy, but at the time one of the biggest, if not the biggest engines around.

    Kawasaki Z1300-6 Carb1979

    Hope some of these pics bring back some good memories to the elder readers, and show the younger ones what they missed!