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    One of the upgrades I’d always fancied for my R1 track bike was a quickshifter. Not you understand for the milliseconds it saves per gearchange, although I’ll take anything that helps lop a little off my lap times, but mainly because they’re a cool add on, which along with a quick action throttle and stomp grips would complete my add-on shopping list.

    Some stars aligned recently, and I found myself in a position where a mint condiition HM Quickshifter Plus came winging it’s way through the post to me, and whilst I waited for it’s arrival, took the time to surf the net for videos of how to mount it.

    HM has a pretty good set of “How to” videos, and I assumed, incorrectly, that the coil caps to which the wiring loom needed to be attached would be underneath the airbox, as per their instruction video. I set about removing the bodywork, the tank cover, the airbox lid, the air filter, and the lower airbox housing, only to find a sealed metal floor housing the regulator rectifier. WTF?

    I went back to the HM “how to” video, and came to the obvious conclusion that my R1 has access to the coils in a different location than that shown in the GSXR demo bike film. Mystified as to how to progress, and with half the bike in pieces, eventually the phrase “the internet is your friend” rang in my head, so I went to the yamahar.com forum and posted the question, “how the hell do you attach a QS wiring loom to the coils if it’s not below the airbox?”

    Simple was the answer, “you’re approaching it from the wrong side”. Seems if I dropped the radiator, no need to remove it, just let it hang on its hoses, access to the coil tops is then available, DOH! With my new found knowledge and with just 3 bolts needing undoing, (other than the fairing panels), I was quickly able to plug in the new harness.

    I took advantage of having the bike in pieces to redo some cabling runs, so I hadn’t completely wasted my time, but once I’d reinstalled the radiator bolts and reassembled everything, I checked my handiwork and realised that I wasn’t happy with the way the cabling was hanging. Cue redoing the whole thing again, and then a third time as I wasn’t happy with the cable runs. Eventually I got it right, set the shifter unit to compression, tested it, and all seemed well.


    Then followed an exchange with Andy where he asked, “are you sure it’s compression and not extension you need for the setting?” I’d looked at the net prior to setting it, and to be fair the HM UK site wasn’t too exact in stating which setting it should be. The information I had been able to find on the HM Australia and KTM sites, both said if you have road shift then it should be set for compression, which is what I’d done, but now the seed of doubt was sown, and after sending Andy a video of the shifter in action, he again told me I’d set it incorrectly.

    Next, a call to HM, where the very helpful sales guy talked me through it. Listening to me tell him the rod was a through the frame road shift pattern, and then describing which way it moved when I shifted gear, led to the crushing news that it should be set for extension not compression, so now I needed to go back and remove all the bodywork again, as the wiring is hidden away underneath the tank.

    Determined not to have to remove anything else again, I made a final change to the cable routing so that I could access the unit from underneath the frame if necessary, re-set the unit to extension not compression, added 5 milliseconds to the kill time, and then spent 5 minutes mercilessly hammering the gears up and down the box, before finally deciding all was now ok to reassemble.



    I’m looking forward to seeing how it works in anger on track at Catalunya.


    Watch this space!