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  • Sunny weekend


    It’s been a strange start to the years riding. In the past couple of years by the end of March I’ve ridden between 2500-3500kms, this year I’ve managed a meagre 1500. Not helped by a bitterly cold start to the year with snow on the ground and freezing temperatures which never seemed to  lift, it’s been a slow start, but this weekend with temperatures up around 18 degrees C it was time to get out and ride again.

    Saturday was a play day on the R1, and joining me today was David and his Triumph 675.

    Great viewing point

    David (L)

    Boys and their toys

    Sunday had been planned as a ride to Mt Revard but ended up somewhat differently, but a nice ride out nevertheless.

    Here looking back towards Geneva from a viewing point overlooking Fort Ecluse

    Snow still on the mountain tops

    This bridge is only visible during the colder months when all the leaves are fallen, today it looked spectacular bathed in early morning sunshine

    Old church at Arcine

    Deviating from the planned route saw us ascending the tiny Col de Clergeon which we had entirely to ourselves for both the ascent and descent down the other side!

    This is always a favourite stop off point with the views back to Aix les Bains (below)

    Sue enjoying the view, no prizes for guessing her affiliation in MotoGP!

    Below the chateau at Lucey


    Great to have had sunshine again and just under 500kms this weekend, feels like the season is starting!

  • Sunday ride-lakes and vineyards

    Today’s ride isn’t a big distance epic, but a 3-4 hour meander through some nice countryside with some great lake views. Sue has decided to stay at home, so it’s just Andy, his GS and me.

    First picture of the day, en route towards Bellegarde. Early morning cloud with the Alps in the background.

    Thanks to roadworks we are forced to retrace our steps and lose some time, but there is no rush, so we’re not too bothered. Here is clue to the type of area we are in. To those without French language skills, this reads “Vineyard route of Savoie.

    Heading towards Aix les Bains we take the small Col de Chambotte towards its peak of 724m. It’s not very high but affords us some great views of the Lac de Bourget. The rising sun illuminates more and more of the lake and surroundings creating an ever changing atmosphere and views.

    As we climb the view continues to unfold.

    The road gets gradually more narrow as you approach the top.

    Roadside cross

    Andy sheltering under large overhanging rock!

    We turned round and dropped back down the col before heading towards Aix les Bains. You ride alongside the lake and can see small aeroplanes landing in the small airfield several miles away. Skirting Aix les Bains towards the tunnel de chat we stop briefly while I ask Andy if, rather than go through the tunnel, he would prefer to ride over it, on the Col du Chat. This turned out to be a great choice, and although it’s not that long, the views more than make up for it.


    View towards the far end of the Lac de Bourget

    Looking the other way to Aix les Bains

    Great lakeside home!

    More bends!!

    View on far side of col.

    The Gorges du Balme en route to Belley and a coffe stop

    Weird building in the rocks.

    After the refreshment stop, an uneventful return ride home, and time to download the pics and write this report.