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Specialist guided Alpine Motorcycle Adventure Holiday Tours in the French and Swiss Alps, and the Italian Dolomites

“created for those who want to experience riding on some of the best roads on the planet, and to provide riders with an unparalleled experience of riding in the Alps and Dolomites”


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Since the formation of in 2009, it’s tours, website and photos have been featured in several press articles and magazines.

Bike magazine published an article giving a taster of the type of riding you can experience in the Swiss Alps in it’s January 2014 issue (released November 27th 2013)
In September 2010 The Guardian newspaper website featured the Swiss Mountain Passes tour amongst it’s worlds top 10 best motorbiking trips in the world


Pirates Lair magazine (a respected American motorcycle accessory company) featured a photo from one of our tours on it’s front cover.





AlpineBiker tours are ridden on specially created routes covering combinations of passes and routes which will allow you to savour riding some of the best roads on the planet, with each day linking multiple mountain passes over 2000 metres, and guaranteed to create a tour full of memories and riding experiences that will have you eager to return for more. These routes have been learnt and personally ridden extensively many times every year for over 14 years now.

Accomodation is in hotels I’ve selected for their excellent locations or character, located in gorges or astride mountain passes, usually with magnificent views which will stun, as you watch the morning sun rise over a gorge or watch it set over the Alps.

Tours are offered exclusively for groups of 6-8 riders in a fixed format comprising FULL days of riding, accommodation, breakfasts and evening meals. has drawn riders from around the world, and to date riders have come from as far afield as Norway and the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK. I’m always happy when riders leave a tour having felt that it had been a special lifetime experience, so please see rider comments section to see what “real” riders have thought of their AlpineBiker tour experience.

Finally, I consider safety to be of paramount experience, along with your enjoyment, so we ride at a sporty but safe pace, I take pride in seeing everyone who started a tour finish it in one piece, and preferably with their licences still intact!



These tours offer a unique riding experience for all levels of rider and ability. You will be blown away by the roads which will both challenge and inspire you; by the scale of the mountains and the magnificent alpine scenery; by waterfalls which cascade from the mountainsides, glaciers and glacial melt lakes, and gorges. These tours have it all!


(see gallery for a taster of what you could be experiencing)


Come and ride special passes such as the “Tremola” pictured below



Don’t want to bring your own bike? has negotiated special discounted rates with Honda Geneve for riders on their tours, so please contact me with details of the type of bike you’re interested in and I will advise the applicable reduced rate.




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