Piece by piece the GSX has been coming together. Today I finally conquered the rear caliper.

I’d ordered a new (used) rear caliper from ebay for the princely sum of €34.30. I’d been a bit miffed that the carriage had been €21, but it arrived super fast and looked better than the original seized item. Problem was that this new caliper also had seized pad pins, but 10 minutes with a friends blow torch soon broke the rust sealing them in place, and with the pins removed and polished on a grinding wheel ,reassembly was all that stood between me and getting out to ride again.

Unfortunately to get everything working, meant a disassembly of the entire right hand upper fairing to give access to the rear reservoir, which needed topping up with brake fluid. After seemingly dismantling absolutely everything, brake fluid was added, the caliper was bled and new Brembo sintered pads were fitted. Now it was time to put everything back together and check it all worked.

I’m not the most technically proficient guy, but I was pleased as a dog with two dicks when everything was reassembled and working again. A quick blat around the block showed the brakes were working well, job done. Next two jobs, buy a rear number plate bulb and bleed the front brakes as they don’t pull up evenly, after that cosmetic changes which can be done one day, some day or never. Looks like I’ll finally get to get some time in the saddle!