Almost ready!

After hours of cleaning I decided to reassemble “The Turd”, and here it is. I hesitate to say in all it’s splendour, as it’s certainly not pretty, but it’s a lot lot better than the day I bought it!

The rear caliper refused all attempts to get the pins budged and in the end the only option was to drill out the pins. Problem was that even with them removed and access to the pistons they wouldn’t retract fully, so basically it’s file 13 ( bin) for them ,and I’ve got a bid in on ebay for a replacement.

The exhaust has been welded and is now back in place and emits a nice note!

I found a new but small problem I’d not spotted previously, the rear number plate light doesn’t work. Doesn’t sound a big deal, but the nuts inside the rear mudguard holding the light unit seem quite corroded and don’t seem to want to undo (deja vu), so doubtless more penetrating oil and hassle coming to try and sort a tiny little issue!

I need to trim the Scotoiler cable, triple check all nuts are done up to the correct pressures, and try and find a replacement for one of the fairing bolts which has gone walkabouts, then, I could maybe get to ride it!