Independence strikes in Catalonia affecting circuit entry

It’s clear that we live in ever more troubled times. Today we woke up to hear 58 people had been killed and 515 wounded in a shooting in Las Vegas. The day before, the Catalan referendum had turned violent, whilst in the background the US and North Korea continue  playing their game of nuclear chicken. All we can do is watch and wonder how will it all end and hope for normality in our own lives, after all, thankfully these events are not really so close to us to have an impact, except that based on an email received tonight from the trackday organiser, they are going to!


I’d laughed earlier in the day when my wife asked if the Spanish events would impact on us, but now it’s clear they’re going to. The email advised that the Catalunya circuit was going to be on strike tomorrow, and that there would be no entry for anyone until after midnight! That piece of news threw us a huge curved ball, as we’d planned to set off tomorrow at 09.00, meet at 16.00, and be at the circuit gates at 18.00, when they were originally supposed to open. Mark and I both have marquees to set up in the paddock, and we sleep in tents there too. Arriving at 18.00 always allows us plenty of time to get set up for the next day, but if we can’t get in til after midnight, we’re not only going to have to struggle pitching our gear in the dark, but we’ll finish late and be tired instead of well rested for the first day.

The thought of queuing outside the circuit for 6 hours isn’t that appealing, neither is paying for a hotel, if we can find one, and then having to leave really early to try and get set up.  We’re only talking about our own personal travel plans now, but there will be an overall knock on for the whole event the next day, as registrations will be delayed, as will the collection of transponders, and the security briefing. How many riding sessions would that mean will be lost?

I emailed the others and suggested we urgently needed to formulate a Plan B. We were going to use conference calling on Whatsapp but it didn’t work, so after a combination of Facetime and Skype calls we agreed to delay our meeting time by an hour and a half, and queue outside the circuit and hope it would open earlier than the previously advised midnight.

Watch this space for tomorrows thrilling instalment!

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