Kawasaki Z1300

I saw this Kawasaki Z1300 in Switzerland today, and it brought back many memories of my early days of biking when this was one of the biggest bikes around. The overriding memory I have of it, was seeing one being ridden by a woman who was filling it up at a petrol station, she must have been extremely competant and strong given it’s size and dimensions! This one was in especially good condition, so I thought I’d share some old school nostalgia, as I’m sure there will be many who have never seen one!

It’s an imposing bike for sure. It was extremely heavy at 314kg, had shaft drive,and was powered by a 1300cc straight six engine which allegedly made in excess of 120bhp. It was first launched in 1979 and had a 10 year production run in varying formats. It was heavy on fuel, as you’d expect, with 30mpg seemingly the norm, and due to it’s weight the handling wasn’t anything to write home about!  Wikipedia claims it’s elevated power output was the reason that France introduced it’s 100bhp limit. If true, Kawasaki have a lot to answer for, as the 100bhp rule was only finally repealed in 2016, some 37 years later, having left French riders sufffering on restricted power bikes for over 3 decades!

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