Michelin PR3’s (Pilot Road)- the tyre I’ve been waiting for!

I’m not affiliated to Michelin, and I’m not getting a set of tyres to test, either free or at a discounted price, but I’m happy to share info on Michelin’s latest offering coming at the end of January 2011 .

Eearlier this year my dealer advised that Michelin were bringing out an updated version of their Pilot Road 2’s which would have a more rounded front profile tyre, which would address my only criticism of them, that of an overly fast turn in on my BMW K1300GT which made two up with luggage touring a little too exciting for my personal preferences.

With the newly announced Michelin PR3’s, not only has the front profile changed, but there are also claims for improved wet weather performance, which was an area that was already outstanding! Since I’m on the cusp of needing new tyres,¬† I’m going to hold off buying replacements until the PR3 becomes available next year , assuming of course that they will offer a reinforced version for heavier bikes as they do currently with the “B” version of the existing PR2.

I was one of the first to buy the new Bridgestone BT023’s. and it looks like I’ll be amongst the first to try the new PR3’s. If the profile is rounded enough to slow down turn in, wet weather grip is improved, and longevity increased too, it can’t fail to be a winner. Check this blog for an update during February and March!

Here’s a link to a magazine report announcing the new tyre . Sorry it’s in French, and I can’t get it into a translator as it’s in pdf format, but if you understand French, it makes interesting reading!


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