Bridgestone BT023 GT- life of a rear tyre

Here’s the final instalment in the life of the Bridgestone BT023 GT tyres I recently installed on my K1300GT.

The rear was effectively finished at 5500kms or 3437 miles. This doesn’t sound like a particularly high number but when you consider that it handled 3500kms of two up fully loaded touring over 8 days of continuous passes and serpentine bends, followed by a further 2000kms in 4 days over 20 Swiss, French and Italian passes almost all of which were over 2000m, then it starts to become more acceptable, and I’m sure “normal” riding on A roads would easily see the rear lasting 8000kms or more.  

The picture below is looking from in front and back, so the wear indicators which are no longer there, are on the left side of the tyre.   

Positive points are the enormous amount of water they clear, evacuating all water from underneath them and gripping straight to the road below, irrespective of how much rain there is! In comparison with the Michelin PR2’s I had before, I’d say there is still a little difference in the “feel”. With the PR2’s you feel invincible in the rain, the BT023’s, very good but not quite at the same level.

In this shot you can see how the weight has pushed up the sipes. 

In this final shot you can see how the wear has affected the crown of the tyre, this manifests itself in a change in turn in, less fluid than when new, but without any loss of grip, just less exact.  Despite this the tyre continued to grip well and any small slides over tar snakes or gravel were always small and very predictable, never getting close to feeling out of control. Very stable, with excellent turn in, great wet weather grip, and constant feel even when the rear started to wear badly, I’d have to say these are superb tyres, and I’ve already replaced this one with another BT023 GT, as I’ve been so impressed by their performance.