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  • Jaguars- old and new

    I posted some pictures from Coventry Motofest earlier this year. Here are some more, a fantastic assortment of Jaguars old and new.

    This one is advertising the Bloodhound SSC car Jaguar are building to try and smash the land speed record, their target, 1000 mph!!!

    Iconic Silk Cut livveried XJR-9 Le Mans winner



    I have to admit I’d never seen this model, the XJ13, but it was even better in the metal than shows in the photos

    Away from the sports section and some wonderful road versions

    This car had what seemed like the longest bonnet I have ever seen on a vehicle and was at least 6 feet long!

    Everyone remembers the famous Tom Walkinshaw race cars don’t they?

    Ending with probably the prettiest Jaguar there, sorry I don’t know which model it is.

    Maybe not a classic but this one is mine and I’m a proud Jaguar owner. Here is my S type resplendent after a few hours cleaning, waxing, claying, and polishing, super clean and gleaming

  • Moscow

    Posted on by Paul

    I’ve been to 26 countries worldwide, but Russia hadn’t been on the list until business sent me there twice within a few months. Here are some pictures from my visit.

    This structure actually houses a restaurant over the carriageway!

    Modern skyscrapers and plenty of buildings being constructed

    Hotel across the river

    Lit as evening approaches

    Here at night

    Multi storey appartments lit at night by ever changing patterns turning a drab buildings by day into an interesting ones at night

    Red Square

    Unfortunately the cathedral wasn’t lit due to lighting repairs

    One of the highlights of that visit had been a taxi ride in a Maserati Quattroporte which was incredible

    This is Moscows premier scientific building and we ate at a restaurant at the top of this building


    Moscows parliament building



    Finally the view from my hotel

  • Rally cars at Coventry Motofest

    I’ve just spent a great afternoon visiting Coventry Motofest and saw a great assortment of cars of all genres. My photobucket account is now bulging with the 140+ photos I took there, and I’ll share some of my favourites here.

    Today’s offering features some classic rally cars.

    The short wheelbase Audi Quattro 



    Ford Escort

    Metro 6R4



    FORD RS200






  • Bikes

    Seen at a local bike shop one weekend.


    This is a Fiat 127 engined monster

    500cc of two stroke history no doubt with wayward handling and ultra thin powerband!

    Sheene replica

    Fantastic old GT380 two stroke

    Hooligans dream and still lusted after today!

    Another smoking two stroke from a bygone era

  • Flash cars

    I was at a company event down in Brooklands and at the end of the day as we left the hotel, this bunch of exotica was parked up outside. Unfortunately none of them were particularly bright colours but I’m sure even two wheeled lovers will appreciate the quality and beauty of some of these bad boys.



  • Rochechouart

    Now the weather is changing and temperatures are improving, it’s time to get out and explore a little. Here are some pictures of the chateau at Rochechouart taken during a visit to the town recently. It’s only 67kms from my home but I took a scenic route to get there and enjoyed the return ride and roads so much, that I went back again and rode them in the opposite direction as part of a 5 1/2 hour 379kms day ride, where temps peaked at 23.5C , lovely!

    View approaching from the bottom end of town



    Church with amazing spiral roof

    Dolmen found en route. This neolithic grouping of rocks was supposed to be the formation for dwelling.






  • Countryside and nature

    Beauty is all around, and here are a few pictures showing some memorable images I’ve seen this year


    Old town

    A little signposted history

    Hillside chateau

    Local church


    Sunset through cherry blossom

    Cloud formations






  • Favourite tour pics

    I’ve been lucky to have ridden some fabulous roads and had my photos used in a couple of motorbike related publications. With winter fast approaching and rain lashing down outside, here are some pics to reflect upon happy memories and great scenery.

    Descent Col de Leques into Castellane

    Bourgogne countryside

    Close to Swiss/French border crossing at Biaufond

    Col du Rousset


    Descent from Sustenpass to Wangen


    View from Grimselpass to glacier on the Furkapass

     Col du Mt Cenis

    Lac de Serre Poncon

    N75 near Col de la Croix Haute

    View down from the Col de Forclaz (CH) to Martigny


    D437 to Morteau

    Lac de Mt Cenis

    View down from Col du Petit St Bernard

    View from Col de la Forclaz (F) towards Annecy


    “Tremola” (old paved Gottthard pass)

    View down to Airolo