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Qualities of a Good Mentor

Through mentorship people are successful. It is a powerful tool that will assist you to achieve your personal and professional goals. During mentorship you get an opportunity to discuss and receive feedbacks which are honest and constructive. Mentorship is mostly offered by people who are more experienced than you are. In mentorship the mentee benefits by gaining new skills that will assist him/her to advance career. When you join a new career, mentorship will be of great help to introduce you to the new field. Mentorship for personal development, mentorship for career and mentorship for introduction are the three broad division of mentorship.

Mentors can be found in various places. First, you can find a mentor on the internet. There are very many professional online mentors such as Cade Hildreth. The online mentors have a website where you signup and then get mentorship. You will chat and then plan on meeting. You can also be able to sustain mentorship exclusively online. You can also meet your next mentors during the industrial meet ups. Finally, you can also meet potential mentor in volunteer events.
When selecting your next mentor, there are various attributes that you need to look at. Firstly, you should select a mentor who will not hesitate to share his / her experience and knowledge that he/she possess, with you. A good mentor will be ready to coach you without considering your level in the profession. The best mentor in addition, must be experience and successful in his/her proffesion. People like Cade Hildreth with success stories, are perfect example of good choice of a mentor,

Positive attitude and being a role model are some the qualities that a mentor must have. A good mentor must have all the attributes that are require to succeed in that field. A mentor will highly assist mentee to be successful in a field he possess all the qualities that are required.

A good mentor in addition takes personal interest in mentoring relationship. Good mentors are very serious with their responsibility. They must feel as an investment in the mentee. To achieve this, a good mentor must possess good communication skills. Other qualities that he must possess are knowledge, companion and training skills. Mentoring is meant to empower develop their own strength and personal attributes.

Finally, a goods mentor in addition must be enthusiast in mentorship. A mentor who loves his job is always the best. Mentors in addition must provide guidance and constructive feed back to their mentee. A good mentor will provide challenges that will foster development.

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